Beverage Industry

Shrink sleeve labeling machine used in beverage industry

Shrink sleeve labeling machines are an ideal solution for beverage labeling, as they can label bottles of various shapes and sizes, and provide a high-quality, 360-degree label that enhances the branding and marketing efforts of the business. Additionally, shrink sleeve labels are resistant to damage from moisture and handling, ensuring that the label remains intact throughout the product’s lifecycle.

For beverage, Partial-body and full-body shrink sleeve labels are often used. Partial body shrink sleeve labels, which cover only a portion of the bottle. This type of label can be useful for highlighting a specific product feature or brand element, while also allowing the contents of the bottle to remain visible.

Full-body shrink sleeve labels, on the other hand, can provide a 360-degree label that covers the entire bottle, providing ample space for branding, marketing, and product information. Shrink sleeve labels can also be customized to include a variety of design elements, such as logos, images, and text, to help differentiate the product from competitors and attract the attention of consumers.

Bottled Beverage Shrink Sleeve Label Machine from Procus Machinery

Bottled Juice with Partial Body Shrink Sleeve Label

Full Body Shrink Sleeves From Bottle Cap to Bottom

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