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As a professional manufacturer of shrink sleeve machines and shrink tunnels, we know that shrink tunnels are the very important part to achieve the best final appearance of your product when applying and shrinking the shrink sleeve labels. To ensure this,  it is also important to carefully select the right shrink tunnel for your shrink sleeve applications and work with a reliable company that can provide the appropriate equipment.

Shrink tunnels are also called semi-automatic shrink sleeve labeling machine,  manual sleever and  semi-automatic sleeving machines by some customers. shrink tunnels come in various types, each with its own advantages. The three main types are Electric Heat Shrink Tunnel, Infrared Radiant Heat Tunnel, and Steam Shrink Tunnel. But depending on your specific needs, a combination of these heat types may be used, such as using both steam shrink tunnel and electric heat shrink tunnel.

Steam Shrink Tunnel

Input Power: 0.55KW
Input Voltage: 220V/380V 50HZ
Working Pressure: <0.2mpa
Steam Consumption: 24kg/h
Production Speed: 0-35m/min
Machine Dimension: L1800mm*W600mm*H1700mm
Machine Weight: 160kg

Electric Heat Shrink Tunnel

Input Power: 12KW
Input Voltage: 220V/380V 50HZ
Production Speed: 0-35m/min
Machine Dimension: L1500mm*W600mm*H1700mm
Machine Weight: 150kg

Infrared Radiant Heat Tunnel

Input Power: 7KW
Input Voltage: 220V/380V 50HZ
Production Speed: 0-35m/min
Machine Dimension: L1500mm*W300mm*H400mm
Machine Weight: 120kg

When you’ll plan to choose a shrink tunnel for your product to make the shrink sleeve labels or  package good appearance, You should learn more about ” what is a suitable  shrink tunnel? how can you select the right shrink tunnel for your products?”  Here there are several factors to consider.

One of the important factors is the type of shrink wrap material being used, as this will affect the temperature and speed at which the material needs to be heated in order to achieve a proper shrink. Additionally, the size and shape of the product being packaged will also play a role in determining the appropriate length and width of the shrink tunnel.

Other factors include the production speed of the shrink sleeve labeling machine, the temperature required to achieve the desired shrink effect, and the length of time that the product needs to be exposed to heat in the shrink tunnels. And also, the type of material of the product impact the choice of shrink tunnel too, as certain materials of the products may require more or less heat when go through the shrink tunnels. 

In conclusion, the choice of shrink tunnel will depend on a variety of factors specific to your product and packaging needs. It’s important to work closely with a packaging specialist or equipment supplier who can help you evaluate these factors and choose the right shrink tunnel for your needs.

To achieve the desired result, it is essential to understand the features and benefits of each type of shrink tunnel.

Steam Shrink Tunnels use steam to heat the shrink wrap material, which creates a tight seal around the product or package. It is clear that steam shrink tunnels represent the optimal solution for achieving precise and consistent shrinkage of full-body shrink labels and partial- body shrink sleeves. In addition, steam shrink tunnels can be used for  the challenging container shapes, including oval, hourglass, tapered, and others. But it is not suitable for products that have special requirements for dry environments.

steam shrink tunnel
Steam shrink tunnel

How does a steam shrink tunnel work?

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Electric Heat Shrink Tunnels use a heating element and a fan to blow hot air onto the shrink sleeve material, which causes it to shrink and conform to the shape of the product or package. These shrink tunnels are ideal for products that require a sterile and dry production environment. However, it poses certain challenges. Dry heat shrink tunnels have a tendency to shrink products more abruptly and are more easy to distortion compared to steam shrink tunnels. There is also a risk of “Pigment Concentration” when shrink sleeves passing through the high temperature heat tunnel, which can damage the design of shrink sleeves. To improve this issue, a preheating method or multiple electric heat shrink tunnels may be used to enhance the process usually.

electric shrink tunnels
electric heat shrink tunnel

How does a electric heat shrink tunnel work?

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Infrared Radiant Heat Tunnels use infrared lamps to heat the shrink wrap material, which causes it to shrink and conform to the shape of the product or package. They are often used for bottles cap or neck protection with tamper proof shrink sleeves or shrink bands. Infrared radiant heat tunnels, which is more energy-efficient compared to other heating methods. It also provide the uniform heating, which ensures that all areas receive the same amount of heat. and Infrared radiant heat tunnels can heat up quickly. But they always required special sleeve films when using.

Infrared Radiant Heat Tunnels
infrared radiant heat tunnel

How does a infrared heat shrink tunnel work?

There are still many more details of “How to select the right shrink tunnels for the specific products”, please contact us, we will talk directly to recommend you a suitable shrink tunnels.

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