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Main Applications of Our Shrink Sleeve Machines

Procus Machinery provides the specialized shrink sleeving machines to apply the shrink sleeves on these main type of bottles.

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Bottled Beverage Shrink Sleeve Label Machine from Procus Machinery
Filled Bottles Shrink Sleeve
beer cans shrink sleeve
Beer Cans Shrink Sleeve
Full Boy & Underlap Sleeve
partial body shrink sleeve
Partial Body Shrink Sleeve
caps tamper proof shrink sleeves
Cap Tamper Evident Bands
yogurt packaging cups
Yogurt Cups Shrink Sleeve

On-site production videos

Our sleeve labeling machine from customers' workshop

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Partial body sleeve label machine

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Full body sleeve label machine

What Clients Say About Our Sleeve Labeling Machines

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Who We Are

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Shanghai Procus Industrial Co., Ltd

1.  Over 15 years, Procus Machinery only keeps focusing on the production of shrink sleeve applicators. Professional manufacturer, Leading level in this Industrial Field.

2.  An one-stop manufacturer for production all kinds of sleeve labeling machine. “PROFESSIONAL & FOCUS” is our slogan.

3.  Exported shrink sleeve labelers to all over the world, like Europe, USA, Middle East, Southeast Asia and South American. we got hundreds of good commnets from our lovely clients.

4.  All shrink sleeve applicators with CE and ISO certificate.

Certificate of our sleeve machine

certificate of ISO9001
CE certificate
CE Certificate
sleeve applicator CE
CE Certificate
certificate of CE
CE Certificate

A Glance At Our Factory

Our after-sales commitment

Procus Machinery cares what you care most about buying a sleeve label machine

How to ensure after-sales support?

1. Before shipment, we will shoot detailed operation video, complete the machine manual, and provide the machine circuit diagram to the customer.

2. The sleeve machine will be packed without disassembling in wooden case. So it does not need to be reinstalled, when it arrives in the customer’s workshop. Simple operation.

3. If there is any problem, our engineers can use whatsapp, wechat, online video to support customers within 1 hour. If the problem cannot be solved easiy, we will send a team of engineers to the customer site to solve it.

4. Our sleeve label applicator is warranty for 1 year and provides lifelong guidance for free. During the warranty period, if there is a problem with all electrical equipment, we will replace it free of charge and bear all shipping costs.

5. Each part of our machine is marked with a number. If the customer need to replace the part, he only needs to inform the part number, and we can quickly arrange the delivery. Do not delay the customer’s production.

How to ensure the machine quality?

1.  Procus machinery sleeve applicator meets the CE standard.

2.  Our sleeve labeling machine will run uninterrupted for 24 hours to ensure stable operation.

3.  We only focused on the R&D and production of sleeve machines for 15+ years, and has accumulated rich technical experience.

4.  The machine configuration adopts world-famous brands, such as, Panasonic, Mitsubishi ,Siemens, ABB (conveying motors), LEUZE, Keyence, Sick, Omron, Delta.

5. Procus machinery has the world’s advanced processing machines, all precision and customized accessories are made by our own factory, and the quality is reliable.

6. The machine structure is made of 304 stainless steel and aluminum alloy, which is durable in quality.

How to reduce the defective rate?

1. Procus Machinery has rich technology and experience and can design a reasonable sleeve label machine structure according to the characteristics of customers’ products.

2. The machine adopts the world-famous electric brand, and the full servo system. The machine runs stably and the labeling accuracy is high.

3. There are experienced and professional debugging engineers to debug the machine to make the machine run stably for a long time and reduce the defective rate.

How to maximize capacity utilization?

1. Our good machine quality.

2. Non-stop production system & No production suspension.

3. Provided high quality and suitable shrink sleeve labels to test machine.

4. Operation rate > 98%

5. Reduce the defective rate.

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Is it enough to own a good sleeve label machine?

The answer is NO!

Shrink Sleeve Labels–another important factor affecting the stable operation of the sleeve labeling machine.

Shrink sleeve labels are made of a heat-shrinkable film. the commonly used for sleeve labels are PVC, PET & OPS. Most customers use the PET and OPS, Cause they are environmentally friendly materials. but PVC is the most economical one.

No matter which materials you selected, different materials show different horizontal and vertical shrinkage rates. If the quality of the selected sleeve labeling material is not good, it will greatly increase the defective rate of the product, and may also cause the operation of the sleeve labeling machine to be unstable.

Therefore, when you choose shrink sleeve labels, you must combine different product features and the characteristics of the sleeve labeling machine to select the suitable sleeve labeling materials.

How to choose the suitable shrink sleeve labels for your sleeve label applicator?

PVC Sleeve Label
PET Sleeve Label
OPS Sleeve Label
Our company can help customers find and test the suitable shrink sleeve labels with cheap price.

We have worked in the field of sleeve labeling machines for more than ten years. We know many professional label manufacturers. We have signed a long-term cooperation with another label factory with rich production experience to ensure that our customers can purchase sleeve labels with qualified quality and low prices. More importantly, it can ensure the stable operation of our sleeve labeling machine and reduce the production defective rate.

We guarantee that customers can get good quality labels at cheap price. We provide this service, which not only helps customers save a lot of time in communicating with label manufacturers, but also saves procurement costs. It can also ensure the normal operation of all our machines.

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