Filled Bottle Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine

Shrink Sleeve Label Machine for Filled Bottles

In the vibrant and competitive consumer goods landscape, shrink-sleeve labels have become a primary choice for decorating filled bottles. They offer a blend of eye-catching appeal, versatility, and efficiency critical in today’s fast-paced production lines.
With their ability to match the speed of filling production processes and cater to unique bottle designs, shrink sleeve labels maximize product display with complete 360-degree coverage. This unrestricted visibility ensures that the product stands out on the shelves no matter the bottle’s shape or design, making a compelling visual statement that draws the consumer’s attention.

Therefore, how to choose a suitable sleeve labeling machine for filling bottles has become a significant thing.

Bottled Beverage Shrink Sleeve Label Machine from Procus Machinery

Specific Case Study for Filled Bottles

We’ve successfully implemented numerous shrink sleeve labeling machine projects across diverse filling lines in various industries, including beverages, food, dairy, personal care, and more. Even though each project has its unique attributes, several essential considerations persist when choosing a shrink-sleeve labeling machine. These include:

1. Shrink Film Material: Different shrink films have varying shrink rates and temperatures. It’s crucial to select a shrink film that’s compatible with your specific bottle type.

2. Production Speed: This aspect directly influences the machine’s design and configuration. High-speed machines differ from standard-speed machines in both design and structure. Moreover, the production speed determines the choice of shrink tunnel – whether to use a steam tunnel or an electric heat tunnel hinges on the product’s requirements.

3. Temperature Setting of the Shrink Tunnel: This is a critical aspect as it directly impacts the final shrink effect of the label. Several factors contribute to determining the appropriate temperature, such as the product type, the shrink film material, and the production speed requirements.

4. Shrink Tunnel Selection: For filled products like beverages, dairy, or beer, a steam shrink tunnel is typically chosen. Conversely, an electric heat tunnel is usually selected for specific food industries or cosmetic industries where a humid environment is a factor. Sometimes, two or three shrink tunnels may be used in conjunction to meet particular customer requirements.

Though each shrink sleeve labeling machine project has its unique challenges and requirements, these key factors provide a robust framework for making an informed choice.

Double Labeling Head Shrink Sleeve Label Machine for Filled Bottles

High Speed Shrink Sleeve Label Applicator for Filled Bottles

Filled Beverage Bottles Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine with Steam Tunnel

Filled Bottled Drinks Shrink Sleeve Applicator Machine with Steam Tunnel

Filled Milk Bottles Shrink Sleeve Label Machine

Filled Beverage Bottles Sleeve Labeling Machine

Filled Beverage Bottles Shrink Sleeve Machine

Filled Bottled Milk Drinks Sleeve Applicator

In Conclusion

Shrink sleeve labeling machines significantly enhance filled bottles’ look and selling power. Their knack for working smoothly alongside filling production lines, adjusting to all kinds of bottle shapes, and being helpful in various industries makes them highly valuable in the competitive world of consumer goods. As companies seek to stand out and attract attention, shrink-sleeve labels are an effective tool in turning a plain bottle into an attractive display for its contents.

As a professional manufacturer of shrink sleeve labeling machines, Procus Machinery suggests that when choosing a sleeve labeling machine, we must consider the factors that affect the use and selection of the sleeve labeling machine in advance. It’s crucial to consider the various factors influencing the machine’s usage and choice beforehand and maintain open communication with the manufacturer.
A highly effective method is to provide samples to the manufacturer. They can test it on their machines to ensure the shrinkage effect aligns perfectly with your needs.
Most manufacturers, including us, offer such tests free of charge to potential customers. If time allows in your selection process for a shrink sleeve labeling machine, sending samples for testing is undeniably the best method to evaluate the device’s suitability for your needs.

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