Twin & Multi Pack Sleeve Machine

Twin & Multi Pack Shrink Sleeve

Twin & Multi packs now are very popular and required for many discount and club stores. The Multi Pack sleeve can have a decoration purpose or just a bundling purpose. the shrink sleeves are made of a heat shrinkable film. the common materials used for sleeve labels are PVC, PET & OPS. Most customers use the PET and OPS, Cause they are environmentally friendly materials. but PVC is the most economical one.

The biggest advantage of shrink sleeve labels is that it can conform various bottles of different shapes.
It can present the unique design of your product in 360 degrees, and then make your product stand out on the shelf.

Shrink sleeve labels is also one of the key factors affecting the stable operation of the sleeve labeling machine.
Choosing the suitable shrink sleeve labels is also important decision for your machine.

twin pack sleeve

How is the twin & multi Pack Sleeve machine working?

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