Empty PET Bottle Shrink Sleeve Machine

Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine for Empty PET Bottles

An empty PET bottle shrink sleeve labeler, also known as a shrink sleeve labeling machine, is a specialized equipment designed to apply shrink sleeve labels onto empty PET bottles. The purpose is to enhance the appearance and branding of empty PET bottles by providing a full-wrap, 360-degree label coverage with shrink sleeve labels. Its position can be partial body sleeve, full body sleeve, and full body sleeve from the bottle cap to the bottom.

Empty PET Plastic Bottles

How to select a suitable sleeve labeling machine & shrink tunnel for your own empty PET bottle?

We all know that every empty PET bottle has its unique characteristics. Before we recommend a suitable machine to each customer, we will confirm some details with the customer to ensure that the sleeve labeling machine we recommend can perfectly meet the customer’s requirements. These details main include:

1. Empty PET Bottle Specifications: We need to confirm your empty PET bottles’ shape, size, and dimensions. This information helps us determine the compatibility and adjustability of the sleeve labeling machine to accommodate your specific bottle requirements.
2. Labeling Position and Design: We need to discuss the desired positioning of the labels on your bottles and any specific design elements or graphics you wish to incorporate. This enables us to recommend a machine with precise label placement and customization options.
3. Production Speed: We will determine your desired production speed or output requirements. This helps us identify a sleeve labeling machine and shrink tunnel with the appropriate speed capabilities to match your production demands.
4. Heat Resistance: The heat resistance of empty PET bottles is one of the main factors determining shrink tunnel selection and design. PET bottles can typically withstand temperatures up to approximately 70-80°C (158-176°F) without experiencing significant changes in shape or structural integrity. But specific PET bottles may also be influenced by factors such as bottle thickness, design, and any additives or coatings applied to the bottles. Therefore, we should conduct specific heat resistance tests by our shrink tunnels to check the final result.
5. Label Material and Thickness: We will discuss the specific shrink sleeve label materials you intend to use, including their thickness and shrink characteristics. This ensures compatibility between the label material and the recommended sleeve labeling machine.
6. We will also confirm whether your empty bottles can accept wet steam entering the bottle during labeling. This information is essential in determining the most suitable sleeve labeling machine and shrink tunnel for your specific requirements.

If your empty bottles are sensitive to moisture or cannot tolerate wet steam, we will recommend a sleeve labeling machine with a dry heat shrink tunnel. Electric heat shrink tunnels uses hot air instead of steam to achieve the shrinking effect, ensuring no moisture enters the bottles during the labeling process.

Alternatively, if your bottles can withstand damp steam, we can suggest a sleeve labeling machine with a steam shrink tunnel. Steam shrink tunnels use steam to create the necessary heat for label shrinking. They are effective for bottles that can tolerate steam exposure without compromising the quality or integrity of the product inside.

By gathering these details and understanding your unique requirements, we can provide you with a tailored recommendation for a sleeve labeling machine that meets your specific needs. Our goal is to ensure that the machine we recommend perfectly aligns with your bottle characteristics and production goals, resulting in efficient and high-quality sleeve labeling.

Specific Cases for Empty PET Plastic Bottles

Before production, the previous influencing factors have been confirmed with each customer for these empty PET bottle sleeve labeling machine projects. Of course, each empty PET bottle sleeve labeling machine project has different key factors to focus on, so the specific project needs to be confirmed with us. But according to these factors, you can roughly understand what kind of sleeve labeling machine and shrink tunnel is suitable for your particular empty PET bottle.

Partial Body Sleeve for the PET Empty Bottles
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Empty PET Bottles Full Body Shrink Sleeves
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Steam Shrink Tunnel for the Empty PET Bottles
Empty PET Bottles with Steam Shrink Tunnel
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