How to Choose the Right Shrink Sleeve Labeler Speed for Your Production Line

Production speed of shrink sleeve labeler

When it comes to packaging products, shrink sleeve labelers, or simply “sleevers,” are an incredibly versatile option. They have the ability to manage a wide range of shapes and packaging requirements across different industries. One of the key factors contributing to their broad applicability is their speed capabilities. So, how do you determine the right sleeving speed for your specific production needs? Let’s delve into this.

Speed Capabilities

Fully automatic shrink sleeve labelers can go up to speeds of 0-600 bottles per minute and, in some cases, even higher.

Semi-automated machines generally operate around 40-60 bottles per minute, particularly those featuring separate shrink tunnels.

However, the maximum speed achievable for a specific product depends on various factors, including the product and the client’s requirements.

Factors Affecting Speed

Here are some of the elements that influence the speed of a shrink sleeve labeler:

– Material of the Product Packaging: Different materials may have varied shrink properties, affecting the time it takes for the sleeve to fit snugly around the product.

– Position of the Shrink Sleeve on the Product: The location where the sleeve has to sit can influence the overall speed.

– Size of the Shrink Sleeve: A more oversized sleeve may take longer to shrink properly around the product.

– Pre or Post-Filling: Are you applying sleeves to empty bottles or after filling them? This can make a difference in speed.

– Machine Design: Some machines are designed for faster operations than others.

– Length of the Shrink Tunnel: A longer tunnel may offer more time for the sleeve to shrink, affecting the speed.

How to Choose the Right Speed?

Manufacturers often recommend a sleeving speed higher than your existing production line speed. Why? Because changing out empty sleeve rolls for new ones takes time and can create a bottleneck in production. If the sleeving machine operates faster than the production line, it can quickly catch up once a new roll is installed, thus minimizing delays.

A comprehensive assessment of the factors affecting speed will be performed when selecting a machine. These factors and your own speed requirements will inform the best choice for your production needs.


Choosing the right shrink sleeve labeler speed is critical to efficiency and productivity. Consideration of various factors, from material and design to actual production speed, can assist you in making a well-informed choice that aligns with your business needs. By doing so, you’re not just selecting a machine but optimizing your entire production process.

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