Filled PET Bottle Shrink Sleeve Labeler

Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine for Filled PET Plastic Bottles

Shrink sleeve labeling machines are commonly used for PET plastic bottles because of their flexibility in decorating the bottles. They are not limited by the shape of the bottle and can achieve perfect labeling on various bottle shapes, including square, round, tapered, trigger and other special shapes. This makes the labeling process highly versatile and increases the product’s appeal to consumers. Additionally, labeling positions for PET bottles can be easily adjusted to meet the customer’s specific requirements based on the design of the bottle.

Specific Case Study for Filled Square PET Plastic Bottles

Recently we received a request from one of our long-time foreign customers who has purchased several of our sleeve labeling machines. The project involves labeling a filled square PET plastic bottle case, and we faced some challenges in selecting the appropriate shrink tunnel and temperature for the heat shrinkable sleeve labels. However, we were able to overcome these difficulties and successfully achieve the required shrinkage effect for the PET bottle labels, satisfying our customer’s needs and exceeding their expectations.

Sample of Filled PET Bottle from Customer
PET bottle sample
Final Shrinkage Performance of PET Bottle
PET plastic bottle

Analysis of PET Bottle Shrink Sleeve Applicator

At the beginning of each machine case, our first step is to confirm customer’s needs and their specific product, then Analysis by our engineers, So that we can give customers professional advice and recommend suitable solutions based on customer’s needs and their specific products.

Customer Requirements for This PET Bottle Case:
1. Production Speed: 250 bottles per minute
2. Labeling Position: Full body shrink sleeves covering from bottle neck to bottom
3. Machine Operation: Connected to the filling production line

We Manufacturer Need to Confirm Some Important: 
1. The bottles are filled or empty when labeling? Because they need totally different solution
2.  How many bottle types need to be labeled? This will affect the recommendation and budget of the machine solution
3. What is the local voltage connected to the machine? This will affect the choice of our machine electrical configuration

These are the basic information that need to be confirmed before we provide the solution. If it is a special product, there are still more details to be confirmed. Please don’t confirm some information casually, and then buy a cheap machine. In the end, however, the machines were either not running properly or had many problems.

As a professional and responsible manufacturer, we suggest that you ask more questions before deciding to buy the machine. If possible, The best way is to send your samples to the machine supplier and ask them to test the product for you checking first for free.

Challenges for PET Bottles When Shrinking

Through the analysis of our engineers, there may be several challenges in this PET bottle project

1. Non-round shape require that the graphics must be oriented precisely side to side

2. To maintain legibility and clarity, text must remain straight throughout the shrink process.

3. Graphics must remain free of distortion when undergoing the shrink process.

4. The customer’s bottle is not resistant to high temperature and is easily deformed by heat

Recommended Solution

Based on the customer’s requirements and the level of shrinkage difficulty, we recommend a fully automatic sleeve labeling machine with a capacity of 250 bottles per minute, equipped with two steam shrink tunnels and air knives.

Why we recommended two sets of steam shrink tunnel?
Because to achieve the best shrinkage effect for PET bottles, we must find the perfect balance between the shrink sleeve film, the PET bottle, production speed, the length and the temperature of the shrink tunnel.

Due to the customer’s PET plastic bottle being susceptible to deformation at high temperatures, It’s difficult during production when using a steam shrink tunnel to apply heat shrinkable labels at a speed of 250bpm.

250bpm shrink sleeve labeler with 2 steam shrink tunnel and air kinives

In order to avoid deformation of the PET bottle, the shrink sleeves had to be shrunk at a lower temperature, but this temperature did not provide sufficient shrinkage in the steam tunnel. To solve this issue, we needed to lengthen the steam tunnel and continue shrinking the shrink label in the extended section until achieving the perfect shrinkage effect, while ensuring that the PET bottle remained undamaged
Our recommendation is based on our rich experience and professional technical analysis.

Regardless of the product type, using a shrink sleeve labeling machine to enhance the appearance or branding of the product’s packaging requires continuous testing to achieve the best shrinking effect. Finding the right balance between the shrink film, product packaging, production speed, and the temperature of the shrink tunnel is crucial to achieving the best packaging effect for your product.

Testing for the PET Plastic Bottles
Final Appearance of Shrinkage
PET plastic bottle
shrink sleeve for PET bottle
PET Bottle
Label looking of PET bottle

In Conclusion

If you plan to use a automatic sleeve labeling machine to enhance the appearance of your PET plastic bottle or other materials such as polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), polycarbonate (PC), or polyvinyl chloride (PVC), it’s important to consider all factors related to achieving the best shrinkage effect.

Shrink sleeve labeling solution involves many variables that can affect the outcome, including film types, label sizing, shrink tunnel types, lengths, and temperature settings. To ensure success, If possible, we highly recommend you should talk to a machine manufacturer and ask some advice when you plan to select and design your shrink sleeve label or decide to purchase your bottles.   The best way is that if you can get some samples of shrink sleeves and bottles first, then you can ask the machine manufacturer to test them through the actual shrink tunnels you expect to use on your production line before finalizing and purchasing label materials and bottles.

By carefully considering these factors, you can ensure that your labels fit tightly and smoothly on your bottles, enhancing their visual appeal and ensuring a professional finish.

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